Rose Care


  1. First locate a spot with full sun. Morning sun will insure leaves are dried early and result in fewer disease problems. The soil should have good drainage and not be in a low spot.
  2. Plant a rose at the same depth it is in the pot. Space roses 3 to 5' (feet) apart depending on the variety. Dig hole approximately 18" x 18". Add to the hole at least one blue pot full of potting soil.
  3. Gently remove rose from pot so as not to disturb the root system. Pack soil firmly around rose and mulch about 2" to 3" deep. Mulch helps reduce weeds, retain moisture and keeps the soil at a more even temperature.



  1. Water daily for at least 2 weeks to help establish the rose. Depending upon the weather, water approximately 1/2" twice a week. Proper fertilization and watering will dramatically reduce disease problems. Use a premium fertilizer that includes the minor elements. You get what you pay for in fertilizer.
  2. Blackspot can be a problem in rose growing. To treat blackspot ask your garden center for specific chemicals.

Tips for Rose Growing

  1. Yellow leaves generally indicate that the rose bush needs more water.
  2. Highs and lows of fertilizers can make your plant more susceptible to blackspot.
  3. Dieback is not naturally occuring but is a symptom of over-fertilization.
  4. A lot of old garden roses and antique roses will not bloom continuously in Florida. Nelsons' old garden roses bloom continuously.
  5. To further reduce the possibility of blackspot, water roses when the leaves are dry making sure that after watering, the leaves have time to dry before sundown.


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